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OpenMSX_TSX advanced (by imulilla)
Updated OpenMSX version with TSX and IPS files support and more.
Download releases

OpenMSX with TSX format support (unofficial)
OpenMSX_TSX v.0.15.0 rev3 (github releases):
Linux, Win32/64 & MacOSX downloads
OpenMSX_TSX (github source code):
Source code link

CLK Emulator (support MSX1 + TSX files)
Multisystem emulator for tourists that seeks to be invisible.
Users directly launch classic software, avoiding the learning
curves associated with emulators and with classic machines.
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RetroVirtualMachine Emulator (RVM)
The Zx Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX-1, Colecovision, SG-1000 and
Sega Master System emulator for Windows, MacOs and Linux.

TSX for SVI-318/328

SVI-318/328 TSX TOSEC (v0.01) 7ZIP | ZIP
  All TOSEC SVI-3x8 games in TSX format converted from
CAS files.
Conversion Tools SVI-TSX (source code) GitHub
  PHP classes for TSX manipulation, including conversion
from SVI-CAS to TSX.
Tape emulators for Android with support for
TSX, TZX and other file formats:

PlayZX Android App
by Baltazar Studios, LLC
Goggle Play

TapeRider 0.3 beta
Developed by José Rodriguez (jrodriguezv)
& Francisco Crespo (Black Hole).
Download APK | Homepage
TSX Tools

makeTSX (tool) Binaries | Source code | Visual GUI by Jacs
  Create a TSX file from WAV tape.

ZX-Blockeditor v2.4.3 (installer) Download | Homepage
  Tape files editor with support for a lot of file formats including TSX.

TZX2WAV v0.4b (zip) Win32
  Create a WAV file from TSX/TZX.

TZX #4B Block (png) English | Spanish
  #4B block definition for Kansas City Standard data (by @Blackhole).

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1986Developed in 1986NLDistributed in NetherlandsenTexts in english!Verified dump using several sources
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Data hash CRC3253e1b184 MD5f53ccfa90a9e881818411806980d0516 SHA102b06fe8ad3a3948c9b18c4230f3ec0ef92f349f
File hash CRC3251531862 MD54e4ad5950706cd7d1f33aed0252faa0a SHA183a707198187fb299d1ad6d4325b3741a64dbd2e

1986Developed in 1986DEDistributed in GermanyenTexts in english!Verified dump using several sources
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Data hash CRC329d0d628e MD5a12518664e4899fc6c78452a202534e1 SHA1e82b2f133aa7a32e8bb822be7ceb609bf37ae111
File hash CRC32a54ff637 MD5007d60e98a16c73457707ed9382af5b4 SHA1d2c6d7fe64dd8ef69c8854da2ac91c3f5d3033c8

1985Developed in 1985ESDistributed in Spain!Verified dump using several sources
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Data hash CRC3248e6078f MD5477bd511aa5f7e39447461743a9df601 SHA10e5bd8bea6b42b5f3244bc042e8d27241ef81e97
File hash CRC32164d3617 MD569d4591b05fb5f6da8e3c7118553c1c5 SHA161eb646559c2c8891a32279942b6f51bf26a392f

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