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OpenMSX_TSX advanced (by imulilla)
Updated OpenMSX version with TSX and IPS files support and more.
Download releases

OpenMSX with TSX format support (unofficial)
OpenMSX_TSX v.0.15.0 rev3 (github releases):
Linux, Win32/64 & MacOSX downloads
OpenMSX_TSX (github source code):
Source code link

CLK Emulator (support MSX1 + TSX files)
Multisystem emulator for tourists that seeks to be invisible.
Users directly launch classic software, avoiding the learning
curves associated with emulators and with classic machines.
Download Releases

RetroVirtualMachine Emulator (RVM)
The Zx Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX-1, Colecovision, SG-1000 and
Sega Master System emulator for Windows, MacOs and Linux.

TSX for SVI-318/328

SVI-318/328 TSX TOSEC (v0.01) 7ZIP | ZIP
  All TOSEC SVI-3x8 games in TSX format converted from
CAS files.
Conversion Tools SVI-TSX (source code) GitHub
  PHP classes for TSX manipulation, including conversion
from SVI-CAS to TSX.
Tape emulators for Android with support for
TSX, TZX and other file formats:

PlayZX Android App
by Baltazar Studios, LLC
Goggle Play

TapeRider 0.3 beta
Developed by José Rodriguez (jrodriguezv)
& Francisco Crespo (Black Hole).
Download APK | Homepage
TSX Tools

makeTSX (tool) Binaries | Source code | Visual GUI by Jacs
  Create a TSX file from WAV tape.

ZX-Blockeditor v2.4.3 (installer) Download | Homepage
  Tape files editor with support for a lot of file formats including TSX.

TZX2WAV v0.4b (zip) Win32
  Create a WAV file from TSX/TZX.

TZX #4B Block (png) English | Spanish
  #4B block definition for Kansas City Standard data (by @Blackhole).

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1985Developed in 1985ESDistributed in Spain!Verified dump using several sources
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Data hash CRC32ab52f427 MD51be28f87ec25451a6acc3a54da54778c SHA115afb02cb9e9b643b9112710955eb1fe8481d928
File hash CRC3222c018a3 MD504c648c4a96bbaf941c37f51badd5628 SHA1782ac666a50d9d71fb2fbb6c790821989a9ab6cd

1985Developed in 1985ESDistributed in Spain!Verified dump using several sources
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Data hash CRC32c924f7d8 MD56ec6d37a2442a499deeea909b6354708 SHA1fcc8d4f78973f1be1506f6b7bfe153f146b1f3b4
File hash CRC32484ba028 MD56f0b9860d6792bada6ec5714308df2fa SHA124cad2e0b2b7751815c244e3d6379789cee18743

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